Friendship and Message in a Bottle

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Good Friends and a Message in a Bottle by Hori Taylor - iSnare.com Free Articles
<p>Friendship and Message in a Bottle</p>
<p>Oh, friendship. Wonderful friendship -- what would we do without it? Great friends get us through our most difficult times, force us to laugh through our tears <a href="http://www.blogstoday.co.uk/bloghome.aspx?username=sweetxue">blogstoday</a>. They lend us money when we spent our last bit on dinner, buy us endless rounds of drinks after a particularly rough day at work. They make hilarious speeches at our wedding, show up without prompting to our grandmother`s funeral and always, always, always have a spare piece of gum. They`re parents when we`ve lost ours, significant others when we don`t have them and teachers when we didn`t realize we needed teaching. And yet, despite all the efforts, the unspoken unconditional love, we never seem to find the perfect way to say thank you <a href="http://www.rising-metals.com">Deep-Drawn Parts</a>. Sure, we return all their favors, reach out to them in the same way they have for us, but in our hearts it rarely seems like enough. How can we even begin to express out love and respect for our best friends?</p>
<p>Four words: Message in a Bottle.</p>
<p>Message in a Bottle is your best friend when it comes to friendship. What better way to show your devotion than with a customized Message in a Bottle, all wrapped up in gorgeous packaging and personalized with an extra special friendship message? Send one to your friend for absolutely no reason at all, with no provocation or immediate need for a thank-you note. Your friend`s heart with definitely swell with a million pounds of love. After all, every day of the week is friendship day <a href="http://www.worldcupjerseyshop.com/catego...rs+Jerseys.html">authentic &amp; players Soccer jersey</a> <a href="http://www.fenny123.com">celine handbag</a>.</p>
<p>Message in a Bottle is especially perfect for the long-distance friendship. Got a close friend who recently moved far away? Send a series of Messages in a Bottle showing how much you love and miss them! Find a picture of you in your town (snap one with a disposable camera if you don`t have any) and attach it to a Message in a Bottle that says "I may be here…". Now, get a picture of your friend in their town. Don`t worry if you can`t find one; just draw a little picture of the city and paste on a cut-out picture of your friend. Attach this one to another Message in a Bottle that reads "And you may be here…". Find one more picture, the most important one: an image of you and your friend together. Create a final Message in a Bottle that says "But friendship will always bring us here," plus a short message detailing how much you love them, and attach it to the last photo. See how cute and unique a simple friendship message can be when you include Message in a Bottle?</p>
<p>And while you`ve got those pictures out, try this friendship Message in a Bottle idea. Gather up a few of your favorite pictures of you and your friend together, pictures that bring to mind a great memory or hilarious event. Create a series of Messages in a Bottle recalling those memories and attach each picture to its corresponding bottle <a href="http://www.blogstoday.co.uk/ViewBlog.asp...1&sitecode=">blogstoday</a>. A trip down memory lane will always bring those friendship hugs to your door -- and who knows? Maybe your friend will make an equally amazing friendship Message in a Bottle for you!</p>&nbsp; Order by www.sunmoonittradebin.com

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