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Relationship Problems - 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid by David G Parker - iSnare.com Free Articles
<p>You may not believe it but almost all relationship problems can be saved, including yours! Solving relationship problems can be a hard struggle; sometimes very hard, but you can make fixing your relationship a reality today.</p>
<p>Unfortunately rough times in a relationship are common, with all the good times that you share, inevitably you are at some point going to experience bad times, we are only human <a href="http://stenter.blog.qrobo.com/2013/07/30...cebook-to-keep/">blog</a>. But it is the bad times that hit us hard, sometimes you find yourself unable to get out of the hard times, it becomes a downhill spiral.</p>
<p>Your probably sitting constantly going over what has gone wrong? Going wrong? Your head is buzzing with thoughts, trying your best to find a way to turn it around. Your emotions are in confused state at the moment. Clear thinking has vanished <a href="http://www.rising-metals.com">Metal Stamped Parts</a>. The blame game has more than likely kicked in and you start to find faults with everything.</p>
<p>With so much going on your head the obvious sometimes just fades to the background. Sometimes you need some guidance.</p>
<p>To help you I have sourced and highlighted below the 3 most common mistakes that nearly 90% of failing relationships suffer.</p>
<p>So take a deep breath, calm your thoughts and see if you fit into these;</p>
<p>The Top 3 Biggest Mistakes</p>
<p>No.1 Not Sharing Pleasurable Activities</p>
<p>Many couples find themselves stuck in the rut of work, dinner, sleep <a href="http://www.csctrucks.com/GARBAGE-TRUCKS_c4">Cheap Best Refuse Truck</a>. Only for the cycle to start again tomorrow. The quality of a relationship is determined by how well it it meets the needs of those involved in it. Having a rare meal out together and maybe the odd special night in bed together do not make a quality relationship.</p>
<p>Relationships need variety. Do activities together, share a hobby, share friends and families, have fun together. Spending quality time together is part of a healthy partnership.</p>
<p>No.2 Not Opening Up In A relationship</p>
<p>At the beginning and during the initial chapter of any relationship couples usually find themselves sharing their personal details and innermost thoughts with each other <a href="http://www.gzpollyshoes.com/hot-flops-slippers_c0_sp">Fashion slippers</a>. This brings couples closer together and builds trust. As relationships move on this sharing can sometimes stop, and can make your partner feel shut out of your life.</p>

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