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Courtship is a period of time when two people who are convinced that they are meant for each other spend quality time together in preparation for marriage. This is the most important time to find out whether both parties are compatible enough to ensure a successful marriage <a href="http://ameblo.jp/feifei007/entry-11583522858.html">ameblo</a>. Answering the question that follows could be the difference between having a blissful or nightmarish marital future.</p>
<p>1.Do our visions in life point towards the same direction or have a point of intersection? Having different visions has within it the potential of driving the two of you apart as time goes on. This could mean spending less and less time together as a couple and a decline in common interest in years to come <a href="http://www.ootool.com">ootool</a>.</p>
<p>2.Do our family members have approval for our marriage? This should be given a serious thought and consideration especially in cultures where extended family ties are strong and important. Marital unrest, in-laws related problem, and sometimes divorce is not uncommon in such cultures when there is no family approval from both parties before marriage.</p>
<p>3Do we have compatible sexual preferences? Statistically speaking, major problems in marriage have hidden roots in sexual dissatisfaction of one or both partners. An open discussion about sexual preferences, a willingness to learn and openness to new ideas are few of the major tools needed in battling sexual problems when they show their ugly heads in marriage.</p>
<p>4 <a href="http://www.sunmoonittradebin.com">hp server ram</a>.Is your partner comfortable and interested in meeting your family members and friends? A partner who is not comfortable and interested in meeting your family members and friends lacks confidence, has something to hide, or is simply a fraudster who is out to use and dump you. The excuse of loving just you alone is not valid. If a partner truly loves you, he or she will at least like the people you love. Be wary of a partner who wants you to abandon both family and friends and be with them as a proof of your love. It is simply impossible for them to be everything and everybody to you <a href="http://www.nbyukon.com/-Hardware-Series-_c2">cheap Hardware Series</a>.</p>

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