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How to Plan Your Christmas Office Party by Natalie Burnett - iSnare.com Free Articles
<p>Christmas and work parties can be difficult to organise and execute. Nobody wants their party to be a boring forgettable affair or an embarrassing drunken one <a href="http://fgfdgd.bloog.pl/id,337713409,titl...ould,index.html">bloog</a>. It can be hard to find the right balance which is why below you will find some handy pointers on how to make your soirée a success and a memorable affair - for all the right reasons.</p>
<p>Firstly, get some ideas about what everybody would like to do. A good idea is to compile a list of ideas and send it around to employees. Sit down dinners can be a bit formal, which can make some people uncomfortable, whereas a finger buffet could be too informal <a href="http://www.smartflyscreens.com.au">pet clear boxes manufacturer</a>. Make sure you get feedback from everyone involved as to whether they want a themed event or not, and whether dancing will feature at your party.</p>
<p>Hosting your party at a hotel has definite benefits. For example, your guests will be able to book rooms so that there is less of an issue about leaving the party early, or having a designated driver. Everybody should be able to enjoy a glass of champagne with their meal! Hotels are also able to cater for you in house, or will be able to advise you on caterers that are reputable. If you are choosing to have an outside caterer, make sure you get testimonials from previous clients, and ensure they have up to date food hygiene certification.</p>
<p>Theme events tend to go down very well at Christmas parties, as it provides some light hearted entertainment for the evening and acts as a good icebreaker <a href="http://www.teamuniformssoccer.com">wholesale soccer T-shirt</a>. Some ideas to consider could be a 007 or 80ís theme. A James Bond style affair could incorporate a casino style setting, and hotels can offer ideas as to where to hire fun casino entertainment.</p>
<p>One final thing to consider is diet. Make sure you know whether you have any vegetarians or vegans attending so that you can make suitable arrangements for them.</p>
<p>In summary - some Doís and Doníts.</p>
<p>DO <a href="http://www.gzpollyshoes.com/Rubber-slipper-for-men_p255.html">Rubber slipper for men</a>.</p>
<p>Make sure you know how many people are attending, and inform your venue - there is nothing worse than arriving your destination to discover there are not enough place settings for attendees.</p>
<p>Inform your employees whether it will be a formal or informal occasion. If you are having a theme night, make sure everyone knows!</p>
<p>Inform the hotel whether you will be eating at their restaurant or whether you are hiring an outside caterer. Remember to ensure all food diets are catered for, and take note of any allergies that your guests may have.</p>
<p>Make sure that you order enough taxiís for guests leaving, have a designated driver, or advise guests to book hotel rooms if they are planning on getting inebriated. Nobody should be driving under the influence of alcohol.</p>
<p>Leave things until the last minute. Remember that hotels book up quickly for Christmas parties, and the sooner you confirm your booking the less stress you will have.</p>
<p>Assume that everyone can eat the same things. Make sure you know if there are any allergies or other requirements amongst employees and inform the hotel or caterer of this.</p>
<p>Drink too much, and keep an eye on anyone who is. There is nothing more embarrassing to discover you may have made an inappropriate comment to the boss, or seeing photos in the cold light of day where you have made a fool of yourself.</p>
<p>Remember, the key is planning and making sure everyone has a good time.</p>
<p>To find Hotels in Norwich that could cater for your Christmas party is easy. There are many to choose from, from inexpensive hotels to a more luxurious setting. Norwich Hotels can offer everything for your Christmas party needs <a href="http://chinacabinetlock.doorblog.jp/archives/31034595.html">doorblog</a>.</p>&nbsp; Order by www.i-kmega-mens-jewelry.com

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