Tips on Repairing LCD Monitors

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Tips on Repairing LCD Monitors
<p>Do you have problems with your LCD screen? If your computer monitor is dim, flickers or has some lines when you are attempting to use it, random clicks on the page and many other strange displays, chances are that it is damaged and you may need a replacement. It is virtually impossible to use faulty LCD displays therefore you have two options; you can repair it and save yourself some money or throw it away and get a brand new one.The first step to repairing your LCD screens is to find out the cause of the problem <a href="http://sweetheelshoes.talk-jp.com/e29814.html
">talk-jp</a>. Bad capacitors account for the largest percentage of damaged LCD monitors; faulty inverters and other issues such as FETs, LCD module and faulty buttons account for the rest. It is easier to repair the LCD displays once you have identified the root cause of the problem.To repair an LCD screen or you bistable LCD monitors, you will need to replace the faulty parts. Capacitors and buttons are readily available in most electronic and computer shops for an affordable price <a href="http://www.chinacarbonbike.com">carbon bike rims</a>. Inverters on the other hand, can be elusive but you can easily buy the off eBay for an average of $5.00.LCD monitors come in many different brands. Common ones include HP, Dell, Samsung and LG. Luckily, most LCD modules are compatible and therefore you can replace a module from HP to Dell without any fuss. Most modules have the same dimensions and LVDs connectors for most of the brands <a href="http://www.nbyukon.com">Window Decoration Product</a>. You do need any special knowledge or skills to repair custom character LCD displays. Simply equip yourself with a few tools that you will need to replace the parts such as a screw driver, pliers and so forth.Inside your monitors are two main components; the power board and the video board. The power board powers the video and the lights (inverter). To repair the capacitors; you will need to disassemble your monitor in order to inspect the capacitors in the power board before you can replace them <a href="http://www.sunmoonittradebin.com">hp server ram</a>.LCDs are aligned with a plastic coat that is supported by a click system and a few screws. This can be tricky during disassembly but once done, you can proceed faster and more easily. Once you remove the plastic coat, remove the LCD module very carefully. Locate the SMPS board and unplug the CCFL cables that are hidden beneath a metal guard.Once that is done, unscrew the LCD module and unplug the LVDs cable from the module. This will give you a full view of the SMPS. You should be able to spot a faulty capacitor at this stage. If you cannot spot a single one, it is a great idea to replace them all. In most cases, that should solve your character LCD displays problems.You can find more info on how to repair your LCD monitor at Focus Displays solutions. Save yourself a lot of money and learn how to do your own replacements quickly and easily.</p>
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