Why You Should Buy The Teflon Free Rice Cooker

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Why You Should Buy The Teflon Free Rice Cooker
When you have decided to buy a new cooker, ask yourself a few questions regarding what size, quality and type of cooker you actually need. If you manage to find a good quality rice cooker, it can do more than just cooking rice. It can help you prepare stews, soups, porridge, meat, desserts and slow cooking recipes, preserving all the nutrients of the food materials intact <a href="http://www.jennaphillips.com/wangjiaomei...wn+rentals.html">jennaphillips</a>. The first and foremost requirement is to opt for a Teflon free rice cooker. Though there are many types of rice cookers available in the market, but they contain a non-stick coating made up of some toxic materials such as Teflon. Such Teflon-coated cookers tend to exceed temperature due to which coating breaks apart and thus some toxic gases and particles are released and entered into the food. On eating such contaminated food, many types of diseases can be caused <a href="http://www.happmart.com">Arcade pcb</a>. If your cooker will be Teflon-free, the food will come out of it free of any chemicals, full of nutritional values and with right aroma and taste. <p></p>
When it is the question of choosing a Teflon-free non toxic rice cooker, the best of all options is a clay pot rice cooker. Clay pot cooking provides healthy cooking method, because clay pot does not have Teflon coating. The problem with the Teflon is that it contains a chemical known as Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), which is identified as a cancer-causing chemical. Some tests done on animals have shown that this chemical can cause liver damage, cancer, immune-system damage, growth defects and even death. So, it is a dangerous chemical and you must avoid it <a href="http://www.mariabridaldress.com/hot-sale...2650_p3014.html">allure romance wedding dress</a> <a href="http://www.tophanddryer.com">tophanddryer</a>. <p></p>
In addition to choosing Teflon free rice cooker, also avoid cookware which is coated with other non-stick chemicals. These chemicals may also release some harmful toxins inside the food and cause some diseases. Look for products which are 100% safe for cooking. Clay pot rice cookers are totally safe for cooking meals. Clay pot makes sure that the food is cooked without any impurities and with nutrients intact. While cooking, the clay pot seals in all the juices and the vitamins of the food and does not allow them to go out. These vitamins are again absorbed by the food and thus keep the food totally nutritious. Such food does not lose its flavor, texture, smell and taste. So, say no to Teflon coated cookware and buy clay pot non toxic rice cooker. For more information about rice cookers that let you cook healthy food, please browse through .vitaclaychef <a href="http://www.capitalbay.com/members/activi...ormat/smoothbox">capitalbay</a>. <p></p>&nbsp; Order by www.hmhid.com/LED-Daytime-Running-Light_c23

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