The Haunting on Colonel`s Row by Peter L Meredith

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I have experienced two paranormal occurrences in my life. Thankfully I had witnesses at both events so doubts about my sanity can remain just doubts. In celebration of Halloween I have decided to put both down on paper <a href="http://www4.atword.jp/sunglassesfocus/1635">atword</a>.</p>
<p>My first ghost I encountered was on Governor`s Island in New York City. The home we lived in was on Colonel`s Row and was a three story brick affair. Its rooms had high ceiling, small windows and were generally poorly lit. The evening I saw this ghost was the usual nasty sort you find in late autumn in the city <a href="http://www.liamsbag.com">liamsbag</a>. Dreary, cold and rainy. It is fair to say we were primed for the coming event. My mother had ordered us to get our bathes done and David had just finished while Jon was waiting for me to get out.</p>
<p>The bathroom was at one moment a noisy and active place with three boys chattering away, the normal sounds of bathing and the ever present patter of rain on the windows. The next it was as if time had ceased to function. Our lives had gone from a movie to a picture in an instant <a href="http://www.chinaclearbox.com">chinaclearbox</a>. I felt frozen, lying in the bathtub, caught in the act of leaning my head back to wash the soap out of my hair. In my periphery, Jon and David were both, suddenly and alarmingly silent statues. What they were seeing and feeling was beyond me at that point. In fact, during the brief time the thing was in our presence, I felt almost nothing. I could not feel the tepid water or the cool air on my exposed body, nor even my hands, feet or legs. Physically, the only part of me that I was conscious of, was my eyes. They felt huge and dry. As the thing glided across the threshold of the door, my eyelids seemed to be straining to peel back. There was no thought of closing my eyes or even blinking. There were no thoughts at all and no fear. My mind seemed inoperable, disengaged, seemingly unable to comprehend the thing in front of me.</p>

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