The first step in the list is to dust regularly

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My home, my fortress, they say. One of the most important things to live a healthy life and feel comfortable at your own place, is to keep it clean. Sometimes this job is time- consuming and exhausting, but if you follow five easy steps in the regular domestic cleaning, listed below, it would become easier and faster <a href="http://sweetxue.hatenablog.com/entry/2013/07/16/143937">hatenablog</a>. <p></p>

<p>1. The first step in the list is to dust regularly. Keep a top- to- bottom and left- to- right strategy, starting from the highest shelves and move from left to right across the room. This way you wouldn`t miss anything and avoid the possibility to knock dust onto a cleaned lower shelf <a href="http://www.pcyzprinting.com/cp/class/49.html">magazine printing</a>. Dust everything in the room including topsides of the furniture, undersides of all shelves, TV screens, door frames, picture frames, sills and light switches. Get rid of microfiber cloth wet warm water and dry- dust when possible, this will make the things easier. </p>

<p>2. The second step to keep your home clean is to keep the floors clean. So, get the broom, the vacuum cleaner and the mop, and take care of the floors. Properly maintained, they will have longer life <a href="http://www.ootool.com/Generator-12-1.html">generator</a>. Learn what technique and detergents are the best for the different kinds of overlay. For example, the wooden floors don`t have to be cleaned with really wet washcloth, the abrasives could damage the marble floors and every kind of fibre of the soft- floors needs special maintaining. Find how to clean the kind of floors that you have in your house, in order to maintain their good- look and well- being.</p>

<p>3. Keep the laundry under control. The easiest way to do this is to define place in the laundry room for two baskets- one for the white dirty clothes and the other for the coloured ones. Ask each member of the family to put the laundry in these baskets instead of leave it everywhere in the rooms. This way you will be able to save some time collecting the laundry and just load the washing machine when needed. After having the clothes washed, dried, fold and hanged, arrange them into piles. The owner of each pile has the responsibility to put his or her own clothes back into the dresser <a href="http://www.fenny123.com">burberry handbag</a>. This will make the things much easier for you.</p>

<p>4. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most commonly used rooms. This is one of the reasons why they become dirty easily. So, you have to clean them more often, not only when you make home deep cleaning. One of the easiest ways to clean the bathroom is to use sanitizing spray for the surfaces like the tiles, the sink, the toilet, the tank, the shower, the bath and the faucets. After a while return and wipe with wet cloth. If you perform this once a week, it wouldn`t take much time or efforts. In the kitchen- don`t leave anything dirty. Wash the dishes, glasses and cutlery after the dinner every evening instead of leaving them for the morning. Clean the fridge from some remaining food regularly. Don`t wait for them to spoil. If something stays there more than three days just put it in the trash.</p>

<p>5. The fifth, final step, is maybe the most important one. Put the things on their right places when you finish using them. This way you will save the time tidying and the house will be neat most of the time. Ask all family members to do the same and the housework will decrease.</p>

<p>Following the five simple steps above, you will feel much more comfortable in your home because it will ever be neat, cleaned and sanitized. Take care of the cleanness of your home and this way give care for your health as well <a href="http://bizzz.com/activity/p/241205/">bizzz</a>.</p>

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